Our Team

Meet the team who will be managing your orchard. Having all been involved in the kiwifruit industry personally and professionally, we understand all facets of what it takes to manage an orchard. We pride ourselves on having the experience and expertise you need and delivering our services to the highest quality.


Matt Buckton


Born and bred in Te Puke, Matt has grown up around the kiwifruit industry. As a teenager, he worked on the family orchard,  driving tractors and working in packhouses around harvest time. After finishing school, Matt started working for the family engineering business and remained working there for nearly 18 years until the business was sold in 2013.

This led to an opportunity for Matt to start his own contracting business, Buckton Orchard Spreading and Carting, which offered spreading compost and fertiliser services, and carting bins during harvest. During this time, Matt worked closely with Bob, Theo, Parmjit and Michelle, where a great working relationship developed.


In 2018, Kiwifruit Investments 2001 Ltd joined forces with Matt and amalgamated the spreading and carting business, meaning we could provide a greater range of services to our growers.

Matt’s key roles within the company include fertiliser spreading, harvest carting, machinery maintenance, orchard machinery activities and machinery compliance.

As the newest partner and director of Kiwifruit Investments 2001 Ltd, Matt has a lot to learn, but is excited at the challenge this provides him moving forward.


Parmjit Singh


Parma migrated to New Zealand in 1994. He initially lived in the Waikato, where he worked for a year in the flower industry, before moving to seasonal kiwifruit work in 1995. He made the transition to full-time kiwifruit work in 2003, for a contractor working under Kiwifruit Investments 2001 Ltd.

In 2007, he became directly employed by Kiwifruit Investments 2001 Ltd, at which time Parma and his wife, Kiranjeet, purchased a small avocado orchard of their own. They have since purchased the neighbouring kiwifruit block as well.

After a decade working for Kiwifruit Investments 2001 Ltd, Parma purchased a share in Kiwifruit Investments 2001 Ltd, and is now a director and shareholder of the company.

Parma’s key roles within the company involve orchard management, orchard monitoring, labour management and co-ordination. Parma is extremely conscientious and highly motivated to ensure that the work is carried out to the highest quality and in a timely manner.


Michelle Dowling


Michelle has been involved with the kiwifruit industry for more than 30 years. Michelle’s initial experience comes from working as a labourer on an orchard and also in the packhouse. She commenced working for Kiwifruit Investments 2001 Ltd on a part-time basis in 2011, which soon led to a full-time position as the company grew and compliance requirements increased. In 2017, Michelle, alongside Parmjit Singh, was offered a director position and an opportunity to buy shares in the company. 

Michelle, her husband Shane, and their family have lived in Te Puke since 2003 when they purchased a lifestyle block on an orchard. 

Michelle’s strengths are financial, compliance and monitoring. She undertakes regular reviews of the company’s processes and procedures, to keep Kiwifruit Investments 2001 Ltd up to date with current industry best practice.   


She also believes that communication is the key and ensures communication with growers is maintained, to keep them well informed of the progress on their orchard during the season.


Bob Burt


Bob, his wife Teresa, and their family have lived in Te Puke since 1985, at which point Bob became involved in the kiwifruit industry.


His first role in the industry was at Kiwifruit Investments Ltd as an orchard employee, before becoming orchard manager and then packhouse manager. He went on to take part ownership of the company, now known as Kiwifruit Investments 2001 Ltd, alongside Theo and is also founding director.


During this time, Bob purchased an orchard of his own and became involved in a large, successful orchard development, Strathboss Kiwifruit Ltd, of which he is an owner/director.

Bob believes through his experience as a manager and an orchard owner, he has identified the need to treat each orchard independently, to ensure the best outcome for the orchard owners. With the connections Bob has built over the years, he is able to keep on top of the ever-changing techniques required for the best outcome of the vines and crops.


Theo Struiksma


Born and bred in Te Puke, Theo has been involved in the kiwifruit industry since 1978. He began his career as an orchard worker, before obtaining an orchard management qualification. Theo went on to managing orchards within a corporate environment for Kiwifruit Investments Ltd. He later took on part ownership of the company, now known as Kiwifruit Investments 2001 Ltd, with Bob Burt and is founding director.

Outside of running the company, Theo and his wife, Karen, have at times purchased kiwifruit orchards – both G3 and Hayward varieties.

The experience Theo gained within the corporate environment and managing grower-owned properties, as well as his personal involvement with the industry, gives him a well-balanced view of all aspects of kiwifruit production.