Job Vacancies

Are you looking for work in the kiwifruit industry? We’re always on the look out for new staff to join the Kiwifruit Investments 2001 Ltd team, and help us continue to deliver great service and results.


Picking of Green and Gold Kiwifruit into picking bags then emptied into kiwifruit bins.  All care must be taken to ensure picked fruit is not bruised or physically damaged and when emptying your picking bags into the bins you will need to inspect fruit to remove any fruit stalks, sticks or leaves.

Winter Pruning/
Tying Down

Winter pruning of Green and Gold Kiwifruit.  This will involve the selection of new and primary canes with raised mature buds.  We look to achieve a minimum of 28 buds per square metre in the Green and 35-37 buds per square metre in the Gold.

Summer Kiwifruit Work

Summer work includes the following:

  • Bud Thinning

  • Zero Leaf/Tipping

  • Leader Pruning

  • Fruit Thinning

  • Male Pruning

  • Vine training


"Kiwifruit Investments were thorough, concise and kind in their communication. From the moment I walked into their offices I was greeted with kindness and care. The training was informative and engaging whilst communicating their care for their staff. I would like to recommend and commend Kiwifruit Investments for what they have set up in the form of a working environment that knows the importance of exhibiting kindness while maintaining high quality standards in the Kiwifruit industry. 


Kind regards,

Warren Wakefield